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  1. Besides the decidedly undemocratic approach being taken here, it is compounded by the fact that non-residents of BC are not even allowed to object! Despite paying taxes, non-residents are not allowed to vote in any matter relating to local or provincial government, The CSRD is being disingenuous in its approach to funding what is currently a noble if poorly planned and previously badly executed stewardship program.

  2. We wish we were able to reply via a form, but unfortunately owning property in the Shuswap and living in Alberta exempts us from the opportunity. We fully support your initiative for action, a healthy lake ecosystem is a priority for all, but appropriate legislative policies should be followed. Thanks for your diligence!

  3. From Email…
    oh no, not again.

    I’ve read your information, and even though I’ve owned my current house and paid taxes for nigh on 10 years, and before that owned property elsewhere on the shuswap for many years, I cannot vote because I’m not a permanent resident of BC (yet — the time is coming).

    Would this process of voting to raise new taxes for new initiatives be fairly common and with precedent??? eg, if there was to be a requirement for money for the celista community hall … and would they raise taxes the same way? if we needed a new water system, would it be subject only to the vote of directors to encumber the owners our properties with large multi-million dollar debt ???

    if its a common thing to do, then that is one thing. It doesn’t sound like the typical mill rate adjustments used for already established school or property taxes.

    If this process is never used, then but all means it should be forced to go through normal channels. If the populace were promised a say in SLIPP, then they should have one, and directly, not just through elected officials.

    so, you have my vote — except I can’t vote. Sorry. and to me, thats new taxation without representation.

    • Thanks for your note…
      This is my (limited) understanding
      I don’t believe this process is very common, and this is the first time I’ve experienced it. This tax will create a new line item on your property tax assessment. This is why it needs approval, and typically new taxes creating new line items like this are done via referendum. If it’s already on the tax bill as a line item they can just raise the mill rate with no worries, or raise the amount of the parcel tax (as they might do for this in the future).

      So the two ways for this new tax to go forward is either by referendum, or by the ‘Alternate Approval Process’, whereby the board approves it to the point where it has to go to the taxpayers who have no recourse unless 10% of ELIGIBLE taxpayers vote against it. This is negative option billing at it’s finest, but of course only Financial Institutions are legislated against this in Canada.

      So, due to the nature of the beast, the Alternative Approval Process has been chosen, leaving taxpayers with little choice but to get involved or pay the bill.

  4. Once again we have taxation without representation under an autocratic, arbitrary group with a limited understanding of ‘democratic process’.
    The goal may be noble but the road to achieving same is littered with incompetence at best and maybe even worse – arrogance and a high-handed disregard for the taxpayer wherever they may reside.

  5. We have a home on the North Shuswap but live outside of BC…we pay taxes and a lot of taxes (in both provinces) to own this little “parcel” of paradise and we are not allowed to vote on something that will affect our future in the Shuswap.
    This sounds ludicrous and a lot of sneaky, that a few members are permitted to bypass the very people that are affected. I don’t object to the $11 but I am suspicious that the token amount is only the beginning. If the government feels they need a council to oversee the waters of BC, they should fund them themselves and not from the taxpayers. Apparently the last council was mismanaged and failed to accomplish it’s mission.
    IF I had a vote, I would vote for a referendum, which would show the powers to be exactly where owners, whether BC’ers or not BC’ers stand on the matter.
    As I cannot vote on this matter, please feel free to pass this opinion on to whomever it concerns.
    Barb Randt

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