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  1. We’ve now heard from a number of members and it seems that the Specific and General permissions are also being taxed. So, really, all those who have complied with the rules are having this added tax applied.

  2. Here’s a note from one of our board who has received the assessment notices…

    in a separate mail from the assessment office we received assessments for each dock. One is valued at $15,500 and the other is $9,400.00 – these are total assessments each assessment has land value of $1000. I have not called the assessment office yet as I am still investigating this further to see how many other neighbours are impacted and prepare my questions. My immediate neighbour had renewed his licence/lease about 4 or 5 years ago and received the same assessment as mine. He did call the assessment office and was told we would receive a separate tax bill for our dock using the same mil rates that are used for our home and property assessment – I will confirm this when I call the office next week.

    I feel this is a tax on tax as I already paid for the licence and renewals and now have to start paying a fee again each year. The BC Assessment website does list docks as considered in assessment so I assume that our docks, which have been in place for many years, were already included in our property assessments.This is particularly unfair as we abided by the laws of the province and registered our docks, yet those who did not register are not getting this [new] assessment. [The] dock is a floating structure and the only part touching the foreshore is the ramp wheels.

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