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  1. I would like to know why the tax rollout was levied against some dock owners starting in 2017 rather than waiting until they had all info for all docks or within reason most docks. Based on what I have seen on BC Assessments web page for property assessments across the lake very few docks have been taxed.

    • This response was prepared by a Board member who has been working on this problem since 2015. They have a file ‘this’ thick but in a nutshell here is what we’ve have learned.
      BC Assessment start the folios for docks program in 2015 by issuing separate folios for waterfront property with a Registered Dock – when questioned they said their lawyers said they had to do that because the dock is using crown land and needs to be on it’s own folio. They also said that it will not affect our taxes paid because our property assessment for our home has always included a value for our dock. The plan was to reduce our home assessment by the value of the dock and add the second folio. Other than the incredible waste of resources including two mailings for assessment notices and two mailings for tax notices this was all just bureaucracy.
      So phase one was to get all the people who had followed all the rules and registered their dock with the Province. I argued that was really unfair and they said don’t worry we will get the others next year because we have photographs of all the docks on the lake and we can tell who the owners are – so you know how successful that has been! – here it is 3 years later and I doubt they have created folios for half the docks on the lake. Their answer is they are working on it!
      You can read all past posts on this topic by going to the SWOA website choosing “My Waterfront” then scrolling to folios for docks – after reading that article there are links to past articles at the bottom of the page.

      Thank you for your participation in the Shuswap Waterfront Owners Association. We are very proud of the progress we have made to help waterfront owners have a voice. I must admit we tried hard but were not able to make government make sense on this dock assessment issue.

  2. Happy New Year,
    So, since we have received new folio’s for our docks, is there still a need to register our docks?

    • It would be interesting to hear a legal opinion on this question. However, the CSRD would likely have a contrary view (they would want them registered). The Provincial regulations would mean the docks would be grandfathered from their process as long as the criteria outlined in their regulation is met.

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