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    • SWOA has been trying to find out if further tagging of buoys might occur during the fall. To date we have only learned that Transport Canada is in the process of contracting a company to follow up on the removal of any buoys that were tagged in the spring and early summer and are not in the process of being brought into compliance (the buoy manufacturers are having trouble meeting the demand). If we learn that further tagging is taking place this fall SWOA will put a note regarding the tagging in our newsletter. The only other suggestion we can offer is to stay in communication with your neighbours to learn if there is further activity in the area of your property.

    • Frank; Some additional tagging occurred in the Scotch Creek/Celista/magna bay area during the week of October 21/19 and possibly some near Sicamous. Hope this is the info you need.

      Clyde Mitchell

  1. Do you know if when they tag the buoy do they specify how it is out of compliance? I’m trying to modify my existing buoy to meet the requirements but I’m wondering if I’ll know how it didn’t comply if it does get tagged.

    • In July, SWOA sent a letter to Transport Canada asking this specific question but only received a general reply quoting the regulations for buoys. So we are left to try to decide what was wrong with each individual buoy. Generally though, buoys would be tagged for three possible reasons, the buoy shape, colour or markings don’t meet the regulations, the buoy is too close to the extension of your property line (5 m setback) or there are too many buoys in front of your property (1 if you have less than 100′ of waterfront or 2 if you have more than 100 feet of waterfront).

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