4 comments on “Buoys Update November 2019

  1. Thanks for sending this notice. You are correct in assuming most of u have closed up or the winter. Do you know where on the North Shuswap and when the editions bouys were tagged?
    Graham Riley

    • Tagging of buoys was completed during the week of October 21 and general was in the North Shuswap, Scotch Creek/Celista/Magna Bay area. Some additional tagging may have occurred in Mara closer to Sicamous.

      Clyde Mitchell

  2. Several boat access cabin owners in Marble Bay are concerned that putting your name and phone number of the buoy is an invasion of privacy and confidentiality. They are also concerned it could facilitate vandalism or theft from their home properties if their boats are on the mooring at their lake property. Has SWOA raised this issue before and what was the response?

    Thank you.

    Dean Mutrie

    • Thank you for your enquiry. This concern has been raised with Transport Canada by other waterfront owners. However it is a requirement under the TC federal mooring regulations and will be difficult to change.

      However, we are planning to follow-up directly with TC and will let you know the results of our discussion.

      Clyde Mitchell

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