3 comments on “Update Buoy Removal April 2020

  1. I have asked TC several times to consider a”license” number, or tag I.D. number so that Names and Phone numbers are not on public display. We don’t have to drive around in our boats or cars with our names and phone numbers displayed. It is an infringement of privacy, an easy way to determine Owners’ location (either at home or at the lake).
    Please increase appeal to Transport Canada to issue a license number.

    • Catherine- We have again reviewed the legislation and regulations that require the owners information to be placed on the buoy and unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be any wriggle room for the TC reviewers on this subject as things are written. The only suggestion we can make is for you (and others) to write to both the Minister and you MP to see if they can bring forward a revision to the regulations allowing the TC reviewer to issue a “licence” or other identifier that would not have the owners private information on public display.

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