Notice to lakefront property owners regarding record-keeping prior to flood event.

After a sudden change in a natural boundary fronting a lake or river, re-establishing the lost property boundary can be extremely difficult without recent photographs. At this time of year, Browne Johnson Land Surveyors recommends that owners take and store several photographs of their foreshore and beach, as many as necessary to show the entire length of the property. Simply possessing these photographs can make any future negotiations with the Crown simpler and less costly.

For more information please visit the Browne Johnson Land Surveyors website.

Please Note Deadline Date of March 31, 2018

The province has commissioned the independent BC Flood and Wildfire Review to gather feedback from those affected by recent flood or wildfire events. Home owners are encouraged to provide feedback to the review of how floods and wildfires were handled. The focus is on the 2017 season however anyone with flood or fire experiences in recent years should also respond.

This review, chaired by Maureen Chapman and George Abbott, is seeking input from BC residents affected by flood or fire events. There are opportunities for online, in person and mail in submissions but the deadline is March 31, 2018.

Visit the website at for more information or to fill out the online form.