3 comments on “CSRD Election – Nov 15, 2014

  1. Too much bureaucracy involved, Ray Nadeau and his partners of 9 were behind SLIPP to
    protect their domain in Blind Bay and some members of the CSRD jumped aboard, causing needless problems for the people on the lake and this has driven the tourists away.

  2. I am in complete agreement with the opinion expressed by SWOA and support and appreciate their intended course of action. I hope the CSRD does likewise.
    Regards, Bob Bryan

  3. I attended the Scotch Creek session and a point that was brought up and dismissed as too expensive was pollution from chemicals and pharmaceuticals, which can have serious consequences for genetic modification of aquatic life. I would rather see the money go towards water testing for some of these chemicals and pharmaceuticals before turning it over to a redundant bureaucracy.
    Thanks for the help with identifying candidates’ opinions on the SWC, sadly, meaningful info on their plans seems to be delayed till after the election.

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